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      From east to west in wild commotion."

      CHANGE FOR A DOLLAR--BEFORE AND AFTER. CHANGE FOR A DOLLARBEFORE AND AFTER."Let me hear you box the compass, Frank," said Doctor Bronson, who was standing near.

      "I told him I never had, and then he remarked that I was certain to be sea-sick, he could see it in my face. He said he was an old traveller, and rarely suffered, and then he gave me some advice as to what I should do when I began to feel badly. I thanked him and went on deck.

      Well, then, listen, she said. We are honest folk, my dear, both you and I. You are under certain obligations; you have a wife and children. And since I love you, I am under the same obligations. They are yours, and therefore they are mine. If it werent for thembut it is no use thinking of that.{314}

      You know that, too, she said."I tell you, Mr. Frank Bassett, I'm not crying. It's the dust in the road got into my eyes."

      There is nothing else, she said. But there is not that.

      The Doctor said it reminded him of a man who asked another for ten cents to pay his ferriage across the Mississippi River, and explained that[Pg 23] he hadn't a single penny. The other man answered, "It's no use throwing ten cents away on you in that fashion. If you haven't any money, you are just as well off on this side of the river as on the other."


      Alices face began slowly to get misshapen and knotted. He spoke to her rather firmly.


      Very truly yours,


      "Anything else?" Frank asked.Both the boys declared the topic was interesting, and they would consider their study of Japan incomplete without some of its history. The Doctor promised to return to the subject at some future occasion; and with this understanding they separated to prepare for their journey to the capital.